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VW Junkie's
My history (careful it's ugly)

Read it all it's interesting

My racing career goes back to 1992. I've raced VW Modified with a vengence and also raced MicroSprints for my EX-mother and father inlaw ( stress the EX ).  I've also raced in a division which was called Thunder Cars (thanks to my friend Howie). My racing was fun but putting up w/ a b*tch wife was not. I struggled to be in the top ten for the first two years but discovered a VW motor known as  a stroker. This changed the realm of racing as I knew it. It made me faster and stronger off the corners. This is the key to dirt track racing. I've learned from a good friend of mine (Dave Newman) who learned from world of outlaws drivers how to set up a car properly. This in conjunction with the stroker motor made me (as my apponents called it,) the yardstick to judge how fast your car is. So for the next couple of years I pulled off 2nd place in points. Only because I wanted to get to the front as fast as I could. I learned that if you want to wina championshis you have to at least finish the race, well with this in mind think about that for a moment..... I tried to be first all the time and that does'nt work. People try to take you out (as we called it) any chance they got. So once I learned that, the championship was easy. The key is, sit back and wait till you get a chance to pass clean and whidle them down one by one. After I won the championship I figured that that was the top, no reason to go on wasting money. By the way if you never heard this saying, listen closely ( the only way to to make a small fortune in dirt track racing is to invest a big one) Anyhow, I divorced the B*tch and got a smokin hot babe who is the the best thing that ever happened to me. We own a house together and are very happy. The EX however, is dating her son-inlaw and told me, now this is in her own words (he's not blood) now thats a story for Jerry Spinger if I ever heard one. But thats how my EX's whole family is, so send them all to the luny bin.(except for my fantastic children)....... My girlfriend told me to write a book. We know it would be a best seller. O'well thats about it, thanx for your time and KEEP ON BUGGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!