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This is my friend's car. His name is Rich Green. He bought this car as a shell. But there were some extras, like doors, front beam, etc... In about a 2 year span, he created this beautiful 1955 baby blue, 5.0 Mustang EATER.
This car recently had a powerplant upgrade. From a 1914cc., to a 2054cc.. Some of the components are as follows:
  • DPR 74 mm. crank
  • Engle cam
  • Scat lightwieght lifters
  • 37.5 X44 mm. Valves
  • Custom P/P by Starleper Racing Engines
  • MSD electronic CDI and Dist.
  • This is just the tip of this German Ground pounder

Rich built this car w/ racing in mind. It has a line lock, wheelie bars and a set of 8" hoosier drag slicks for the track. And like most drag racers, he is always upgrading. Recently put on a set of Eliminator heads. I did alittle of my striping handy work on it recently. I'll update pictures as soon as I get them back from the lab.